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About Us

who we are?

Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance as a social democratic party is irrevocably committed to curbing inequality, oppression of the underprivileged and poverty in Nigeria. The party will focus on entrenching universally accessible public services for the elderly, children and the physically challenged. For our level of development, we shall pursue a mixed economic that is private sector driven while ensuring that critical essential services would be operated and delivered by the public sector. We pledge to recreate a Nigeria that guarantees all its citizens the right to pursue their aspirations and achieve their full potentials.


The Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance is born not only as a response to these oddities but equally out of the need to reawaken the consciousness of our great nation by introducing and pursuing the singular agenda of inclusive governance and citizen’s participation in our democratic process.

As a movement towards a new vision for Nigeria, APDA is a peoples driven and focused political party totally committed to building a new peaceful Nigeria and working for its unity and Progress. To this end, The APDA is determined to create a new movement which is imbued with the values of empathy, social justice and knowledge of the deprivations and marginalization of the majority of citizens.

our mission

APDA is committed to preserving and fostering support for the rights, liberties and aspirations of all Nigerians with equality and without exclusion.

our vision

Our vision is to create a just, peaceful and democratic Nigeria, free from hunger and premised on freedom and justice.

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

Edmund Burke